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Kodály in the Choir RoomTM is a proven system for choir teachers where you'll learn how to sequence your curriculum, engage more students, and generate lasting music literacy for your singers using the power of the Kodály Method.


"A semester-worth of material in an easily digestible format that suits busy educators.

Kodaly in the Choir Room is an excellent resource that delivers relevant and actionable information! After going through the course, I feel prepared to implement new strategies that will benefit my students right away!"

Thomas K.
K-8 Music Teacher

"I was glad this course provided examples (and the hierarchies, especially) for working with older students.

This course gave me the refresher I needed on the method and the process, and gave me ideas for how to start to bring Kodály into my teaching routine with older students."

Sean M.
Adjunct Professor

But Isn't the Kodály Method for Elementary Kids?

Nope. In fact, the Kodály Method lends itself perfectly to the secondary choral setting!


5 Myths About the Kodály Method:

1. The Kodaly Method is only for young children

False: Kodály believed music education should BEGIN in early childhood but that music education is the right of every human being regardless of their age. The Kodály approach can be implemented all the way through college and beyond!

2. The Kodaly Method is rigid

Not true: Kodály’s approach is sequenced and deliberate but it doesn’t have to be rigid. The goal is that everything you do has a reason behind it and is supported by careful scaffolding.

3. The Kodaly Method is too time consuming

Actually… Many teachers save time in class and rehearsal because a well-developed system means you see faster results and you’re not drilling the same exercises day after day.

4. The Kodaly Method only uses folk songs

Nope. Kodály believed that music of the child’s mother tongue was most appropriate at first. Children should come to know their musical heritage through the music they perform but the goal has always been to branch out into art music and beyond. What we don’t compromise on is the quality of the music we perform – only the best is good enough for a child!

5. The Kodaly Method doesn’t work for choir

Could not be farther from the truth. Two of Kodály foundational principles are the emphasis on music literacy and that the voice is the primary vehicle for musical performance. Sounds kind of like… choir!

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In This Course, You'll Have:

A personalized curriculum specifically for YOUR choir program

A proven system for finding and using choral repertoire to teach music literacy

A treasure trove of music literacy and sight-singing techniques

1,000+ downloadable pages of resources and slideshows to use in your classroom


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Kodály in the Choir Room

Literacy Tools for the Secondary Setting

Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Curriculum?

This 7-module masterclass will give you everything you need to start seeing music literacy through a Kodály-inspired lens and build engaging rehearsals you can be proud of. You’ll learn how to:

  • Employ engaging practice activities your students actually enjoy
  • Get the most out of your repertoire 
  • Sequence your curriculum effectively

With a simple shift in mindset and a system backed by best practices, you can supercharge your sight-singing!

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What's Inside

Kodály in the Choir Room?


Introduction to Kodály

Understanding who Kodály was as an educator and how his approach to music education came to be are the foundation for "The Method." 

  1. Kodály: The Man and the Method
  2. The Benefits of the Kodály Method 

Building Your Scope & Sequence

In this module, you'll find clarity in your curriculum and answer the questions: Which systems and sequences are right for me? and How do I actually teach them?

  1. Rhythm Syllables: Kodály, Takadimi, and Counting
  2. The Hierarchy of Rhythmic Difficulty
  3. Dotted Notes and Syncopation
  4. A Quick Note About Meter
  5. Solfege: Steps to Literacy
  6. Putting It All Together: Creating the Scope and Sequence

Finding Easily Extractable Patterns

This module answers the questions: What are Easily Extractable Patterns and how do you find them in your repertoire?

  1. Rhythm from Repertoire
  2. Solfege from Repertoire
  3. Prepare Before Present

Practice Activities

Modules 4-7 break down six ways your students should be practicing music literacy, and provides examples and resources for each.

  1. Reading Activities
  2. Memory and Audiation Activities
  3. Partwork and Polyphony Activities
  4. Writing and Composition Activities

This Course Is For You If...

  • You teach middle school or high school choir, or elementary honor choir
  • You're frustrated from trying music-reading strategies that aren't working
  • You know your students can achieve more – you're just not sure how
  • You wish you didn't have to rely so heavily on teaching by rote

Hi, I'm Nick Dolan

I believe our experiences with music are deeply personal and unique. It's an experience that changes us, whether we're alone or with others, listening, creating, or performing. Music education, therefore, must be fluid, holistic, alive. This belief about music education – this philosophy – is embodied in Kodály's approach. 

I’ve spent the last few years researching and studying the Kodaly method under scholar, composer, and author of the First We Sing series, Dr. Susan Brumfield, as well as Dr. Jill Trinka and other incredible Hungarian and American pedagogues. 

I began my Ph.D. in Choral Music Education at Texas Tech University because I have a passion for storytelling and shared experiences, for interacting with the voices of history and culture. These are, I believe, what music gives to the world.



Kodály in the Choir Room 

Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of


Limited Time Discount!


One-Time Payment

A one-time payment of


Limited Time Discount!


Learn more about our 30-day money-back guarantee on our Terms and Conditions.